Top 3 Mistakes College Students Make

I don’t know about you, but college is one big pool of mistakes intermixed with small victories and a few embarrassing stories. One night I’m studying diligently for an exam, and the next I’m binging Netflix shows instead of writing a paper (that may or may not be due the next day).

Today I’m sharing the top 3 mistakes I find us college students making on a daily basis! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? *continues to binge Netflix*


Picture this, it’s the day before an exam or the morning of your major paper due date. You’re supposed to look like a zombie in the library like all the movies portray hardworking students but, instead, you’re binge-watching Stranger Things and searching memes to post on Twitter. (Just me?)

What can we agree is the issue here?

you’re not actually studying

Studying is the most ‘college’ thing to do, yet the most ill-practiced activity. I don’t believe studying is the issue but, rather, the lack of ‘active’ study time. Being proactive while learning is completely different than skimming over an assigned chapter for 30 minutes to “cram” or swiping left on Tinder during class.

Actively studying includes writing notes while reading or listening, highlighting keywords/phrases, and searching relevant information online to better understand what you’re trying to absorb.

If passing a test or remembering information for a quiz has been difficult lately, that may be due to a lack of proactiveness on your end! Always stay up-to-date with your habits to ward off any unnecessary stress later down the line.

If you’re an incredible student and study for hours each day, congrats! Now, I hate to burst your bubble, but you MAY (or may not) be making this next mistake…you’re not binge-watching Netflix enough

you’re not relaxing

Actual relaxation, where you partake in your most enjoyed activity daily or multiple times a week, is vital to a students’ success.

This means that watching a movie on your off day, heading to the gym instead of the library, or kicking it at your favorite bar/cafe is a MUST.

I’m sure there are activities that you would consider a ‘waste of time,’ if your schedule is overwhelming and hectic, but relaxation is the gift to yourself that your mind, body, and soul crave.

Don’t starve yourself mentally and emotionally because physical responsibilities seem more important. (Keyword: mental health).

Did either of these points ring a bell? If not, give me one more chance to stump you…


you’re taking college way too seriously

Don’t get me wrong, college is one heck of a ride. Horror-ride or joy-ride, it’s often times impossible to discern which applies best, and that’s okay. College is just another chance to set up opportunities that your future self will thank you for.

Although the word ‘phase’ isn’t my first choice when describing these last four years of my life, college is, in fact, a phase. (A hot mess phase filled with confusion, self-doubt, heartbreak, adventure, blessings, and new beginnings—but a phase nonetheless).

You may have a lot on your plate, and often times a course load that feels unbearably heavy, but I trust that you’ll dismiss the stress you’re currently experiencing and call it what it is: opportunities.

Each day is another opportunity to make things right. Take hold of this time, apply yourself where you need to be applied, and accept the fact that life’s biggest breakthroughs are always difficult to reach.

If YOU have any more tips and mistakes that should be added to this list, comment down below or share this post with others to spread the love.

Take those difficulties and turn them into degrees, my friends.

This article has been originally written by Makayla who runs her own blog – Makayla Lynn. Follow Makayla on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

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