3 Things You Need When Starting University

I’m writing this up on a Sunday morning, my last one at home for a while after the dreamiest of summers in the Scottish Borders, before heading back to Glasgow to start my third year at university. I can’t quite believe it was two years ago when I first moved there to start my studies, two years ago since I met people who shaped me, two years since I became a bit more independent, two years since I left the slow countryside life for a little while.

University is hard, it is scary, it is daunting. It is everything you’ve thought it would be and more. No experience is exactly alike to another, everyone has a different unique journey. You have to be prepared to be unprepared, prepared to be flexible, to change. I’ve come quite a long way since I first stepped into my student accommodation two years ago, sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards but I wouldn’t change anything, good or bad, in a second.

I like to think I’m becoming an old hand at this university malarkey, I thrive off doing my own cooking and washing, I’ve mastered my university’s enrolment system and I have no qualms about sitting in the silent section of the library. I wanted to share a little bit of advice of sorts for all of you who are beginning this journey for the first time, a list of three essential items I don’t think I could live without that are often forgotten.

A Cookbook

Sure, when I first moved I could cook some mince, stir fry chicken, boil rice and pasta etc, but I couldn’t really cook. Investing in a good cookbook is definitely worth it and you can find lots of “student” cookbooks for a really good price. I really enjoy cooking and it is something I am hoping to develop even more this semester. It is such a good thing to take joy from and I always find eating well makes me feel a lot better – definitely a good thing at university!

Meal planning, healthy eating, following recipes, all make me feel more organised and on top of things, preventing me feeling overwhelmed. Cooking is a good way to spend some free time and following recipes makes sure you make the best use of your fridge and cupboard contents. My favourite cookbook is The Hungry Student Cookbook but this summer I’ve invested in The Vegetarian Student Cookbook which I picked up from £4.99 in my local garden centre.

A Good Pair Of Shoes

You will walk a lot at university. I went from driving everywhere at home to walking almost everywhere in the city which meant my feet got a bit of a shock. Investing in a good pair of shoes, such as trainers or boots, will mean walking won’t feel like such a chore. It is such a good way to exercise so being comfortable will make all the difference.

My favourite shoes to wear to uni in previous years where my New Balance trainers but this winter I’ve invested in a gorgeous pair of Ugg Boots which I can’t wait to start wearing! It’s important to support your feet so try to avoid wearing converse or vans day in day out as they have no support for the arch of your feet (I am guilty of this though)!

A Blanket

I’m a blanket person by nature but when you suddenly have to pay for heating or live in student halls, it will be cold. Having a blanket will make sure you can get a good night’s sleep in nippy winter nights and also good for when you are having a bad day and just want to roll up in your bed and block out the world.

I am quite taken with wearing mine around the flat like a cape, especially when cooking, but they make everything much more snug. I picked up a grey fluffy blanket from Primark for only £4 which they had in a whole host of colours so like, I’ll be heading back for another three please.

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