Six Reasons Why Studying In London Has Been My Best Decision Yet

If you would have asked my Eighteen year old self where I wouldn’t want to study in the UK, my answer, without a thought, would’ve been London. I know how crazy that must sound, as many would jump at the chance. But hear me out. I’m pretty much an explorer and I love to visit new places. When I had the opportunity to move away, my plan was to pack my bags and move to Cambridge. I live in East London anyway, so it didn’t feel exciting to consider London as a possibility. My thought process was that I could visit Central London whenever I pleased and that studying here wouldn’t be anything new.

Now at 21 and giving University another go, I chose to study in London, purely because I was still receiving medical treatment at that particular time. My hospital happens to be in the City, so I saw it as a convenience. I’ve been studying in the Capital for a few months now and I hold my hands up to admit how awfully wrong my younger self had been! Over the past few years (specifically when I was ill) I’ve learnt to appreciate a lot more; surroundings being one of the many things. From it’s culture, to the lifestyle, I can’t believe how much I took my City for granted, as it has now completely captured my heart! Here are a few reasons as to why studying in the City has been my best decision yet.

1. The Scenery

All it takes is a walk down the Thames and you will soon be indulging on the spectacular scenery of the Shard, Big Ben, London Eye and so on! Studying in London means being a few minutes away from some amazing Landmarks, which can be great for some quick snaps that will make your look cute! My personal fav is watching the London Skyline come alive in the evening at Primrose Hill. The breath taking scenery never makes a walk dull, I can promise you that!

2. You Can Never Become Bored

Wether it’s Museums, Art Galleries, Shopping or a trip to one of the Parks, there is ALWAYS a motive in London. Even if you have already done a great deal of sight seeing or have watched every West End Show (I envy those who have), I guarantee that there will be a new exhibition of some sort being showcased for you to visit next. I’m telling ya, there is plentyyyyy to do!

3. The Nightlife Doesn’t Dissapoint

London’s Nightlife is extremely popular with a variety of options. Leicester Square is usually on the agenda when I’m out with my friends, but there are also places like Camden, Soho and Shoreditch to name a few. I recently went to Ministry Of Sound for the first time which was pretty decent as well! First time for everything!

4. There’s a Coffee Shop On Every Corner

PRAISE THE LORD! I love me some Coffee and with the early morning starts, it’s an essential! You don’t have to look very far to grab your daily dose of caffeine!

5. It’s Full Of Opportunities

For someone like me, who is interested in going into the creative industry, the opportunities seem to be endless here in London. I never realised how easily accessible they are, you just have to be in the right place and know the right people. I can assure you that studying in London will play a big part in that!

6. People are free to express themselves, and no one gives a shit

This is probably one of my favourite things about studying in London. Everyone is different and unique in their own little way, wether it’s their fashion sense, music style or their personality. People are free to be themselves and 99% of the time, nobody could give a shit or will judge. London is made up of many different amazing personalities which makes things far more exciting!

I could ramble on with many more reasons, but for now, I shall leave you with these Six – which personally are my most favourites! What’s your favourite things about the place where you study?


*This article has been originally written by Leanne from Leanne Cresswell blog.

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