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I like to think I’m quite an organised person and that I can stay on top of things but I don’t think I would be that organised if I didn’t have a bunch of apps to help me out haha! While I’ve been at uni I’ve had to download a lot of apps to help with my organisation, work load and to help with living the life of a student. So listed below are several apps I have found to be very helpful 🙂

The HW App


apps for students
To stay on top of my deadlines I found that this app is great at assigning tasks to different days and you can set how high the priority of the task is so you know what needs to be done before anything else. Its basically the same as any other homework app, where you write in what you need to do, when the deadline is and what subject it is for. But what I like about this app is that I can assign my different modules to different colours so the tasks that need to be done first stand out more than my other tasks in a different module. Also, the layout of the task is great! You can input your timetable, put in your different subjects and separate tasks that might not even be homework. So it doesn’t just act as a homework log but an organiser to help you prioritise particular tasks. Even though I use this app I do still use my tangible diary to write tasks and important errands that need doing as I like to physically tick it off the list. So, by having both I stay very organised 🙂


apps for students
I don’t use this app as much as the others in the list because I’m really bad at looking out for discounts and if I want to buy something I forget to look for money off first and just buy it oops! UNiDays is similar to the NUS app as it notifies students like myself of offers on particular brands and what student offers there are around in my area. But to be honest the only shopping I do is grocery shopping and the only offers I’ve seen on UNiDays are clothing, electronic and food discounts and coupons which I don’t particularly need. So, I don’t really use the app much unless there is a restaurant I’m wanted to try out and I’m curious if I can get any money off the bill.

NUS Extra

apps for students
I use NUS Extra more than UNiDays as I have the physical card to use when I’m out. I’ve only used it a couple of times as I always forget I have it in my purse haha! But its been great to use in New Look when I’ve made a one off purchase, it was great around Christmas time when I was buying Christmas presents online and wanted some money off and you can use it when booking train tickets. But when I tried to use it when I was going home for Christmas it didn’t seem to work, I think it must be because I have a railcard and you can only use one card. The app its very similar to any money or coupon app as it shows you where there are deals and then re-directs you to the website where the discount is being held 🙂 I prefer NUS Extra because I can sign in and see the deals I can use with my physical card.


I discovered this app back when I was a fresher in September and wanted to pre-book tickets for events that were happening at different clubs and by having this app I could purchase the tickets, see what events were going on close by and it also stored my tickets on the app. So when I got to the venue I just had to go on my phone, on to the app and they could scan it straight away. It was really convenient and I didn’t have to carry a ticket around with me 🙂 Other than being great for purchasing tickets it is also great for finding out events taking place in your local area. By clicking on the app and searching Newcastle you can see the line up for all the events happening in the area which will take you on to purchasing pages and the organisation information. It is a very handy app when it comes to student night life and being ahead of the game!

Next Metro


This app is my lifesaver in the mornings! This is only specific to students that live in Newcastle and Sunderland who can use the Metro. In Newcastle we have the Metro that goes all around the city and coast, its better than any of the buses as its quicker and cheaper to get around. Especially if your a student and have a 30% metro pass like those living in the accommodation I reside at 🙂 This app like most timetables for the tube and bus tell you when the next metro is and how long till the next train will be in the station. So, if your like me and get up late every day for lectures and worry about getting to uni on time this is a saviour! While I’m getting ready I check when the next Metro is so I know how long I have until I need to be at my station if I’m going to get to uni on time (which is very rare haha!).

University App


apps for students
At Newcastle University we have an app that every student can download and it helps with particular aspects of student life. You login to the app with your student credentials and then you have access to your timetable, exam timetable, you can see what books you currently have on loan from the library and when they are due back, you even have the ability to renew your books on the app if they are due to be sent back. Also, you can see what libraries are busy and if there are any computers available to use. By using this app you can decide what library to go depending on your needs, what lecture you need to be at next and you can even do a search of the library to check if the book you want to take out is available. There are many features that have become very useful since I’ve been a student and if your university has an app where you can use these features to aid your daily needs then I highly suggest it 🙂

Budget Taxis

apps for students
apps for students
I don’t know if this is only useful for students that live in Newcastle and the surrounding areas as I’m not sure if they are situated in other areas but this taxi company is the best! I’ve never bothered to use Uber as I don’t get taxis very often to need the app but when I came to Newcastle and was out most nights in Freshers Week this app was essential. Where my university accommodation is located we aren’t any where near the city centre so we couldn’t just walk home after a night out and all public transport had finished for the evening so taking a taxi was our only option. This app was suggested to me online and since then we use them every time we go out for a night out or its late and the last Metro has left. The app is so easy to use, you can see the estimated price that your expected to pay and you can see who your taxi driver is and that they have a licence and are safe. There are several times I’ve had to get a taxi home on my own and didn’t fancy catching a taxi off the street so I booked a taxi with these guys and I knew I would get home safely as they track the cars. Better to be safe than sorry!

Train Line

apps for students
apps for students
I’ve used this app for the longest time! Since travelling down to London a lot in the past and then going to Sheffield to see my boyfriend Dennis on weekends and now being at university I use this app quite often. I don’t use it as much as I used to when I lived back with my parents in the East Midlands but I still use it occasionally now if I’m travelling back home to see my family or going to Sheffield to see Dennis 🙂 Its just so useful and quick to use, its simple and everything is done in one place, you can choose your seat on the train and you can even have your train ticket on your phone now as a bar code instead of having to print off a physical ticket 🙂 The only thing that frustrates me about this app is that you have to pay a booking fee, but other than that minor problem the app is highly recommended if you need to travel around the UK!
For any students out there that need apps to make life a little easier these are some I definitely recommend! They made a big difference for me and everything became easier 🙂
What is your favourite app to use as a student?

*This article has been originally written by Amy Harris from Fleur Du Belle

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