How to Keep Your Student Flat Safe and Sound

Leaving the family home for the first time and moving into your own student flat is a big step. It’s an exciting time, but also slightly overwhelming, especially with the new-found freedom you’ll discover.

With this new-found freedom also comes the necessity to ensure your new home is safe and secure. Student flats can, unfortunately, become targets for many burglars because of the high number of tech items, such as laptops, they usually contain. However, there are plenty of easy steps you and your flatmates can undertake daily to give you some peace of mind, such as making sure doors and windows are locked and keeping valuable items out of view from the outside.

For more home security advice take a look at the guide below which Sainsbury’s Bank have put together with plenty of tips. Remember, if your flat needs any security repairs then always get in touch with your landlord or letting agent.

Sainsbury’s Bank Visual Guide to Student Home Security

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