How to Find a Student Job in Your New City

Beginning university will introduce you to the fantastic concept of budgeting. After a few weeks with your student loan, the slow realisation of needing a job may hit. It can seem a little daunting to seek vacancies in a new city, so read on for our top tips to find a student job at university…

Check out your university campus

For this one, you’ll have to act quick. University campus jobs can be extremely popular which means they receive a number of applications. We would recommend you apply at the start of the year and try to speak directly with the manager, to make you stand out from the crowd. You can usually find a wide range of opportunities on your campus including kiosks, libraries, coffee shops and even restaurants. University campus jobs are extremely convenient (you can roll straight out of bed and into work), and they usually pay well too!

Search job boards

Online job portals are a great way to find vacancies in your area. You can filter directly for the type of job you are seeking and apply from the comfort of your own home! StudentJob is a job portal for students and young professionals, specialising in providing part time, full time and student jobs. Signing up to a job site such as this is a quick way to keep up to date with any new vacancies in your area, and they often include handy application tips too!


LinkedIn is a social network which allows you to engage with employers and build a professional network. Many companies use it as a medium to recruit new staff, making it a great tool for you to get involved with. To be found by recruiters, you have to complete your profile and connect with groups that fit your studies or field of experience. A great way to maximise your exposure on LinkedIn is through discussing in groups or commenting on different activities. This way recruiters will get a good idea of who you are and what qualities you possess.

How to find a student job in your new city


Local shops and restaurants

When looking for a student job, it is normal to orientate straight to the big brands and high street shops in the city. It’s far more convenient to head to your local shopping centre and hand out a bunch of CV’s in one go, right? But how about trying a different approach – why not try the local artisan cafes and shops in the local towns? Smaller shops and restaurants will often have far less applicants, meaning you stand a far better chance of landing yourself a part-time job.


If you are seeking a job, make it public knowledge! Ask any friends and family you have in the area to see if they know of vacancies you could apply for. You never know, there might be a free spot in the restaurant your roommate works in, or the shop your cousin owns. Knowing someone on the inside can be extremely handy – sometimes they can even fast track you through the application process. The main point is, don’t be afraid to ask…

Perfect your application

Last but definitely not least…perfect your application. This tip sounds simple but it is the one thing that will stand in the way of you and your student job. If you are applying for a competitive high street role, you may be up against hundreds of other students and it is, therefore, crucial to present yourself well. We would advise you take the time to personalise each cover letter you send to a company; explain why you want to work there specifically and what you can bring to the role. Check out StudentJob for a number of helpful application tips to guide you along the recruitment process!


This guest article was written by Saffron at StudentJob UK.

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