3 Lessons I’ve Learned In College

College has been the most nerve-wracking and freeing experience of my life. After years of raising my hand to go to the restroom and answering to everyone but myself—I entered my freshman year with the common excitement and thirst for independence like everyone else.

Honestly, even after the long nights and early mornings, I am happy with all of the lessons that I’ve learned and failures that have shaped who I am today. When they say college is a ‘learning experience,’ they are speaking literally about all aspects of life; not just academically.

I have learned more about myself spiritually then I’ve learned about my biology, and now know more about my personality than I do about the right and left hemispheres of my brain.

Here are some other lessons that I’ve learned in college— all three are more than necessary to share with those who are either entering their first year or just about to welcome their second. I pray you all understand the blessing of each year and each experience that is ultimately preparing you for a lifetime of adulthood.

1. Perfection Doesn’t Exist

I can promise you one thing about the people you will encounter during your first year—some of them seem so dang PERFECT. They’re vice president of one student organization and dating the cutest basketball player with a toned body and presidents list grades. Well, maybe I didn’t explain an actual person, but you get the point.

In these cases, understand that you don’t go home with them every day and see how they are behind closed doors. You probably don’t know those you envy well enough to remember a time when you saw them crying, or witness their facial expressions when they fail a test. Nobody is perfect, in college and in life, so please do not settle for harboring jealousy in your heart. Clap for their achievements because college is no joke and their success deserves to be acknowledged!

2. Discipline Is Mandatory

I’ve witnessed many of my peers thrive their first month of classes, and then suddenly, somewhere between the exciting school events and hush-hush parties, they decide that academics doesn’t require 100% of their attention. Once people get a front-row ticket to the greatest show alive—independence—they’re forced to choose between entertainment or hard work. Long fun nights or early and mentally strenuous mornings.

The problem with choosing between two polar opposites is the fact that our minds are so intrigued by the fun and excitement—there is no need to choose discipline over a social life! We choose too quickly and aren’t able to control our desires. Happy, smiling and dancing Makayla or stressed, tired and studying Makayla. I will admit, it’s a hard choice to make! Just remember this when you find yourself in this position:

The foundation you build during your first year is the very foundation you will construct your academic ‘house’ on during your sophomore, junior and senior year.

 3. You’re In College For A Reason

So, let’s talk about that foundation I just mentioned and how important this is for your future. A weak foundation built with sand is easy and quick to construct, allowing you more time for things you enjoy rather than tedious tasks. It sounds easy enough to pack some sand mixed with water into one big heap, but you don’t realize that the real issues arise when you’re forced to put weight onto this ‘sand foundation.’ When you start to add more classes, a job, internship, relationship, bills and so on—you’ll soon realize that taking the easy route and packing sand together quickly was not beneficial for your future and surely wasn’t supportive enough for a more ‘adult’ lifestyle.

My point is, you SHOULD aim to enjoy your transition into adulthood, but you’re not paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to neglect your main purpose as a student. Focus on academics above all other things. You can have fun when you’re celebrating the good grades you earned and an internship you were qualified enough to apply for.

It’s hard trying to convince incoming freshman that they need to focus on the important things when they’re, like we all once were, wanting to have fun and experience freedom. I hope, if you are about to be a freshman or sophomore, that you remember the points I made in this post during YOUR new and exciting journey!

If you are an upperclassman or graduated, comment down below some other major lessons you learned while in college!

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