Every Christmas, birthday, anniversary and special occasion, we carefully choose and offer gifts to our loved ones. It’s something we do naturally and most of us don’t think about its deeper implications. Yet, the gift we choose and how we present it says so much about us, our relationships, and the complex social structures within […]Read More
Age is but a number, or so we’re lead to believe. But how much does when we’re born affect our attitude and behaviour? We’ve examined how the financial habits of different generations compare, with some fascinating findings. First though, let’s take a look at the generations: Baby Boomers This is the generation of people born after […]Read More
Ok so do you ever have those days where you get to your office and you are straight up ON FIRE? Annnnnd do you have those days where you leave your office and can’t seem to figure out what you ACTUALLY did that day? yeah, same. There is something about procrastinating that is just so tempting, and sometimes […]Read More