Budgeting For Your Year Abroad

Budgeting for your year abroad

Spending a year or a semester abroad can be a truly life-changing experience – the people you meet and the memories you make will stay with you for a lifetime, and you come back a more well-rounded person, open to new challenges and experiences. That being said, it’s important to look after your finances while traveling.

To help out with making sure you don’t go broke on your year abroad, we’ve got some handy budgeting tips to share from the Money Matters team at Sainsbury’s Bank.

  1. When calculating the total cost of your year abroad, check out your host uni’s website – many institutions offer a breakdown of estimated living costs for their students. Keep in mind that living costs vary greatly on where you choose to go.
  2. Check whether your host university offers a discount on public transport and whether you’re eligible for it.
  3. Make friends with the locals – not only are they key to immersing yourself into the culture, but they’ll also be the best source of information that could end up saving you some cash, like where you can buy second-hand textbooks or which cafe makes the best (and most affordable) coffee for those cram sessions.
  4. Work a bit on the side – you’re currently allowed to work in the EU without a visa. A great part-time job is teaching English, which can help you develop your confidence and will allow you to meet some of the local people.

Intrigued? Check out the guide below for even more tips on pricing up your year abroad.

year abroad

The original source of the guide is Sainsbury’s Bank – Money Matters. Visit their page for more useful information!


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