How to Become a Morning Person in College

There’s some things in life that I thought I’d never accomplish, and becoming a morning person was definitely first on that list. If you would talk to my parents, you would know that throughout elementary/middle/high school, I would be a HORRIBLE person to be around in the mornings. There was nothing worse to me than having to get out of my comfy bed to get ready for school.

By the time I was a senior in high school, I was waking up at 6:55 to leave my house at 7:20 every morning – and I’m a morning showerer. It got later and later as the year went on, and rushing around to get myself out the door gave me so much stress. Without me even knowing it, I was ruining my entire day by this “routine”.

When I came to college, a lot of those habits carried with me. First semester, I had class at 7:45 AM (yes, I didn’t know that college classes could start before 8 either) – and I was waking up just in time to brush my teeth & hair, throw on literally whatever I could find, and get myself to class before it started.

On those days I would be done with class at 9:50, and I would come back to my dorm and nap until 2, sometimes 3 PM. I was so tired because I never allowed myself time to actually wake up. This started a seemingly never-ending cycle of staying up late, waking up late, and napping during the days.

morning person

I was all around miserable, because my body was being treated horribly. So when I decided to make some changes overall, my morning routine was the first thing I altered.

These are all of the steps that I took to change my outlook on mornings! This is actually my favorite time of the day now, and my body is a lot happier because of it!

  1. Cut Out Afternoon Naps. I know this sounds literally impossible, but one day I just decided to fight the exhaustion and stay awake all day, and I slept SO much better that night. It is so important to get enough sleep to be able to wake up on time and be productive.
  2. Ice Water When You Wake Up – Not Coffee. I used to think that if I wanted to wake myself up at 6 AM, coffee was the way to go. I switched to drinking a bottle of ice cold water as soon as I wake up, and I feel a lot better! I still do drink coffee, but this is usually an hour-after-breakfast kind of thing. Your body really doesn’t depend on caffeine as much as you think it does!
  3. Eat A Smart Breakfast. When I think of my breakfast in the morning, I ask myself what type of food is going to keep me feeling full until lunch. I don’t eat cereal or waffles for breakfast because I know that in an hour I’ll be craving something else! Listen to your body and find out what it needs – this really is the most important meal of the day.
  4. Get Your Mind Moving. Write in a journal, fill out your planner, read a couple pages of a book, or do really anything that will make you think. Waking up and scrolling through instagram is tempting, but I know that it makes me never want to get out of bed!
  5. Stop Saying “Oh I’ll just get that done in the morning”. Do your homework ahead of time, because anything like that will screw up your morning routine and put you in a bad mood for the day. Do yourself a favor and save this stress from happening!
  6. Cut Out Late Night Eating. First semester I never put it together that all of the 2 AM snacking that I was doing was causing me to feel horrible in the mornings. Try not to eat that late at all, but if you absolutely need to, keep some carrot sticks or other veggies in your mini fridge for a late night snack!

If I can become a morning person, anyone can – I promise! You really need to change your mindset and think of your mornings as a time to shape how your entire day will go, and you’ll be much happier, and healthier, in the long run!


This article has been originally written by Erin who runs her own blog – Absolutely Erin C. Follow Erin on Pinterest,  Twitter and Instagram.

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