How to make BBQ a safe success?

It’s that time of the year again – you’re trying to keep your head down to revise for your final exams, but all you can see from the library windows are blue skies. Classic! Whether you’re taking a break from studying or finally celebrating the end of exams, there’s nothing better than heading down to the park for a barbecue with all your friends.

However, cooking meat on barbecue grills – especially disposable ones – can be a tricky task, even for the most experienced cook. It can be difficult to tell whether your meat is cooked through correctly, so it’s important to situate your barbecue in a place where you can concentrate on the task at hand. Remember, charred on the outside doesn’t mean the meat is cooked in the middle!

But cooking up a storm shouldn’t be your only consideration when enjoying a barbecue. Potential fire safety issues could be disastrous – a risk that’s easy to forget when you’re distracted and having fun with friends. Being aware of any sleeves, long hair or apron strings dangling over the grill, ensuring that your barbecue is kept on a flat surface and knowing how to correctly dispose of BBQ fuel is crucial to be mindful of if you’re to avoid any disasters.

Luckily, Kettler has created a handy guide to help you take care of the basics of throwing a safe and successful barbecue. The guide covers a wide range of helpful tips, from cooking meat at the correct temperatures to fire and gas safety precautions.


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