Advice for First Year University Students

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As I have completed my first year of university, I thought it would be a great time to do my advice post for the incoming freshers. These are things I wish I had done or had done and recommend doing so as a first year student. The majority of these will be applicable to every year but as a first year it’s important to start doing these in order for it to become routine by third year which is when it really counts.

Get Involved

Get involved in university life especially if you are not living on campus. I highly recommend joining a team, club or society or find some other way to get involved. If you’re not living on campus like me then you won’t have the head start of being involved in university life like they do to make an effort to get involved. I couldn’t get involved due to me working part time 5-9 when a lot of the meetings happened but if I could of I would. It’s a great way to make some friends outside your course and adds to the university experience.

Attend all Lectures 

Now you may think well first year doesn’t count so I don’t need to go to all of the lectures, well your wrong. Don’t get me wrong there may be one or two lectures which don’t seem important I had some on how to revise which I never went to as I already had a system that worked for me.

Please don’t make the same mistake that I did and miss loads of lectures as you will realise how important it is to attend when doing your coursework or exams. I went to around 4 of my economics lectures out of like 12+, I then realised when it came to my exams that I had a lot to learn. Luckily enough I revised it enough to pass but still attend at least 90% of your lectures as you will notice the difference I promise you.

Don’t leave coursework to last minute

Again something I was very very guilty of doing so and as a result I got a very low mark on my most important piece of coursework. I knew I could have gotten better but due to me leaving it to the last minute I got a lower mark. If you get an assignment and the due date is 4 weeks away, don’t leave it to last minute to write it. I would try and do it within two weeks so that the third and fourth week you can check it over and then relax and know you won’t have to do an all nighter.

You could even do a bit week by week but don’t leave it to last minute, some people may be able to bash out an assignment last minute and get a good mark, but if you know your not that person then do it earlier saves all the stress and hassle.

Have Fun 

Seems self-explanatory but have fun. The first year can seem quite stressful cause you’re trying to settle into a new routine, juggling a social life and university work but enjoy it. The first year is the easiest year you will have as it normally is only worth 10% so you have some leeway in terms of getting low marks. I’m not going to tell you not to party as party all year long if you wish as long as you have fun.

University is supposed to be a fun experience and the second year is where you will have to knuckle down a bit more. Also your only a fresher once so enjoy it as I would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

So that was my advice to all you first years heading to university in September, enjoy the build up as much as you would the actual experience, go celebrate and get prepared as your in for one hell of a ride.
My final thoughts to you all is good luck, have fun and enjoy every minute.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and found it useful, there will be some more university post’s coming your way in the next few weeks so look out for them.

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