11 Student Hall Hacks (+ bonus hack)

Student life is all about hacks, tips and tricks. Without these, it would be almost impossible to survive your first year as a student. We’ve already made a list of necessities that would make your student room feel more homely and inviting but what about other things you need to know before you move into student halls? No matter if you are a fresher or an experienced student, these tips will come in handy and will make your life in halls much easier.

Use tape or cards to name your boxes

If you ever found yourself struggling to find a matching sock among the piles of clothes and what not, consider using duct tape. As student rooms are quite small, using storage boxes is a smart way to save space but it is easy to get lost among them. Label all your storage boxes properly and you’ll never have a problem of finding your missing stuff.

Use hooks as space savers

Another way to save some space in your student room and avoid clutter is to hang small items on hooks – it can be anything from jewellery pieces to ties and home keys. We know how easy it is to lose rings, earrings and keys so hanging them on hooks will immediately solve the problem…and will look awesome, too!

Make a chore chart

When you think your life got much more exciting after moving out from your family home, you are struck with reality – you have to share a room with another person who is totally different from you. One of the first things you MUST do is to set common rules for your room and the solution is – create a chore chart. There are many options to this – you can either buy a whiteboard or be more creative and come up with a chart yourself.

Dry erase board

During your first academic year, things are happening and changing quickly and there is so much going on at the campus. You don’t want to miss important deadlines or events so keeping track of it is really important. If you don’t like writing everything on your phone’s calendar or carrying a notebook is too much, a dry erase board is a good way of reminding yourself about upcoming tasks or events. Not only that – sometimes you can just write a nice quote or make a shopping list – we’re sure you will find the board handy.

Divide drawers into sections

Getting your things organised in drawers is a real challenge. Remember how many times you just chucked all of your cables or spare batteries into a drawer to save space on your desk? As a result, you end up having cluttered drawers. Let’s start with basics. The trick to keeping your clothes organised is sorting and folding. Again, folding clothes can be a chore itself…unless you know how to do it like a pro. If you haven’t heard of KonMari technique, google it now – it’s real game changer when it comes to folding clothes.

Another way of organising your drawers is to put dividers inside them. If you have an empty cereal box, it can easily turn into small storage spaces for your stationary, cables, tapes and other small things that usually get lost.

Binder clips as holders

Never underestimate the power of binder – do you know how versatile they can be? Just as an example, a binder clip can be used as a photo holder. Not only that – you can bind notes and cards but our favorite hack is using them as cable holders. We all struggle to keep the cables and cords in one place, and don’t even get us started on tangles USB cables and chargers…

Use folding chairs

So you have a friend visiting or having a spontaneous meet up with your student mates? Offering your bed as a chair is not the best option (we know how protective students can be when it comes to beds) – we highly recommend buying folding chairs. These chairs save room and space, can be easily stored and the best thing – there are so many styles and colours to choose from.

Rug to add colour

If you haven’t bought a rug for your room – well, you should. A rug is a versatile piece that will brighten up any room and can serve as a good cover up for any spills or stains.

Fix oil stains with white chalk

A piece of chalk is a tested and proven hack to fix greasy stains. Instead of using pre-laundry detergent, keep a piece of chalk in your drawers for extra situations. Simply rub it onto a stain and chalk powder will absorb the grease. Just a small note there – once the stain sets, no amount of chalk will save you, so it is better get rid of it quickly.

Put your phone in a bowl

Having difficulty waking up in the morning and you have an early class? Here’s a useful hack to make sure you never miss your alarm clock – put your phone in a bowl and it will work as an amplifier. This will be enough to make you jump out of bed every morning. If you need some extra challenge – put the bowl across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off.

Start a change jar

Change jar can serve as a mini savings account – whether you are saving for a particular purchase or just need a place to keep extra change. You will see how quickly the jar fills up – the amount of small coins you’ll find when emptying your pockets, cleaning your room and drawers. It’s an easy and painless way of saving money but make sure it is well-secured to avoid any thefts.

Bonus hack:

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